I am a free spirit. I will not be tamed.

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Hi my sweetheart friends!

I am many things. We all are. But most of all I am a free spirit.

I tried to tame my self. I accepted letting others try to tame me, some doing it with good intentions, others not.  

I nearly lost my self. My creativity stopped flowing. I stopped laughing. My soul was hurting. I was eroding, leaving bits of me behind.

You know who did that? Me.

I allowed it.

I accepted that I was not good enough. I so tried to avoid hurting others that I forgot to stand up for my self. I changed who I am. I went under cover.

And then I finally blew my cover and came out. Blazing.

It is not easy being my partner. You get a lot of woman. I am sensitive, warm, present, loving. I am also fiercly indepedent. A deep thinker. Passionate. Complicated. Always seeking personal growth. Always moving forward.

Commitment? Yes. Control? No.

Love? Yes.

“I got my own roots to water. Got my own way of praying. My very own way to sing. Still, I am connected to you. And everyone. And everything.

Got my own truth to live. Got my own star to follow. My own rivers to cross. In my own time. 

Still, I am connected to you. And everyone. And everything. “


I have found my wings. Don`t ask me to fold them away. Take a leap and fly with me instead!

It is so beautiful from up here.

Tell me sweethearts, how do you stay true to the core of who you are?


 I would love to connect with you!

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