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Hi Sweethearts!

Isn`t it funny how something that seems shallow to one person can hold such depth to another? How something can mean very little to one person and yet give another moments of such joy and fun?

Case in point: Fashion. I love it!

Yes, I am an intellectual. Yes, I have depth. Yes, I have such fun with fashion.

The trill of having a design idea inspired by the colour combination that exists for a moment as a car passes a house.

The rush of drawing designs inspired by the latest trends.

The zoning out everything but the textures and prints of the fabrics I am working with.

The absolute joy of reworking a dress for the third time that week.

The surprise when a dress turns out nothing like I planned (can`t be bothered with patterns, I sew from the hip).

The ooooompph of wearing my own designs.

The shy exitement of sharing my fashion with you guys.

The giddyness of connecting with other creative and individual people.

Fashion is more than trends, more than do`s and don`ts. When we connect our fashion to our inner selves is when fashion becomes anything but shallow.

Fashion as expressed from within. Fashion as pure creativity. Fashion as life affirming fun.

In the greater scheme of things, fashion is one of the details of life. But, what a detail. Leopard prints, please!

The outfit: This dress is the same as in my previous post, but with a scarf that used to be two pillows for the top. I prefer this version as of yet. Scarf, Bianco. Shoes, Primark. Bling, H&M. Ring, from a market. Grey hair, too broke for Garnier.

Tell me my friends, what does fashion mean to you?


 I would love to connect with you!

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