On choosing happiness in fashion and in life

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Hi sweethearts!

Are you happy?

For a long time I thought life was about endurance, about suffering my cross gracefully. Enough of that.

Endurance, my friends, is not enough. No. I want to live happily. Why settle for anything less?

I am blessed with a sunny disposition that I have fine tuned and defiantly embraced in the face of my trials and tribulations. Life is hard. That doesn`t mean it can`t also be happy. In fact, the fact that my life is so demanding makes me even more determined to be as happy at any moment as I can be.

I am systematically creating happiness in my life.

I am always honest with my self. Brutally so. This is what allows me to recognize which path I am on, and where I need to go next.

When I go shopping I always ask my self: “Do I love it?” If it is mere infatuation, I give the dress a kiss and walk away.

In life I ask my self: “Will this choice bring me happiness?” And I don`t mean contentment or momentarily pleasure. No, I mean the real deal. The I-feel-at-peace-with-how-I-am-living-my-life-happiness. You know, the kind that suddenly makes you feel hopeful for your future and grateful that you are brave enough to live with self respect.

Do you know what makes me feel happy?

Dressing up every single day -for me. My bonkers dresses and pattern-mixing. Heels. Lippie. Swaying my tusch.

Listening to music all the time. Dancing on the bus stop, not giving a flying fig who`s looking. Feeling the rythm.

Travelling. Walking the streets of New York feeling giddy with joy.  Taking the tram to a unknown part of my city.

Spending time with loved ones. My family. My friends. You. Being touched by others.

Giving thanks. Getting the lesson. Forgiving my self. Moving on.

Following my intuition. Embracing. Letting go.

Laughing. From my belly. Enjoying my own jokes. Sharing a funny moment with a stranger.

Not being afraid. Telling my self I will survive. Knowing I will do more than survive.

Is my life always happy? No. Do I create happy moments every day? Yes.

The outfit: Dress, my design, made from dresses I have reworked about fourteen times. Jacket that I have reworked from a coat. Bag from Zara, that I added a mens neckless from H&M to (the original golden chain wasn`t bad ass enough for me). Heels from Din Sko that I added material from a curtain to for laces. Scarf, Bianco. Bling, Forever 21.

Tell me my friends, how are you going about creating happiness with your fashion and in your lives?


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