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Hi Sweethearts!

In fashion -as well as in life- I take inspiration from everything and everyone around me. I am always ready for the next inspiring moment, be it going for walks enjoying the details of beautiful buildings, or crashing into lightpoles because I got so caught up in the detail of someones outfit that I forget to look where I am walking.

Inspiration is such a beautiful thing, it moves freely and makes life so much richer and more fun. To me inspiration is connected to sensitivity, to really see and be moved, and to then take the moment to the next level by connecting it to something in me and my life. To really be in a moment is one of the happiest experiences I can have, and because I always try to stay open I get to have a lot of these moments.

The wonder that is blogging has led me to find two of my soul sisters, Sacramento of Mis Papelicos and Bella of The Citizen Rosebud.

These women are all soul, heart, intelligence and style. Sacramento and Bella both share their lives and perspective so generously with us, encouring us to be who we are, fully and with joi de vivre, to push on through our challenges, to follow our dreams.

Sacramento and Bella are both individual and playful with their fashion choices. They have got serious style, you know the kind that transcends trends. They are fearless print-mixers, and embrace both their smarts and their sensuality. In their own way Sacramento and Bella both express them selves through their fashion, owning their style, playing with it, celebrating who they are. No wonder I am inspired by my soul sisters in fashion and in life.

Knowing that Sacramento and Bella are out there fills my heart with such deep love and gratitude, and such a feeling of belonging. Connections of the soul and heart are a moving thing indeed.

I feel so touched by them both that I decided to sew a dress inspired by them. Exuberant florals and an individual mix, please!

This is my take on blooming madly and soulfully.

Bella, oh beautiful Bella. This woman is in full bloom, and it is a stunning and fierce thing to behold. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Bella in New York recently, and my heart still goes pitter patter at the memory of our jubilant embrace. This woman is amazing. I flat out fancy her. You`ve got my number, Bella.

When I first landed on Sacramento`s blog I had a moment. One of those I-just-found-someone-who-is-going-to-be-significant-in-my-life-moments. I feel her. We know each other on such a deep and basic level, just by force of recognizing who we are ourselves and who the other one is. My love for Sacramento just is. I can`t co-exist with her and not love her with everything that I am, body and soul. Sacramento, when the stars allign and we meet I will be at peace, happy.

The outfit: Dress made by moi from a skirt from an Indiska-dress and a top by Forever 21 that was tiny but that I widened. Feeling that the dress was too understated I added some sass with my reworked dress come bolero snake number and added bling from Forever 21. Wegdes by Din Sko. Blush thanks to a slight fever.

Tell me my friends, who inspires you in life and fashion?


 I would love to connect with you!

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