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Hi Sweethearts!

I am as beautiful at any given time as I perceive my self to be, you know?

Over the last months I have lost a lot of weight, to the point where people have started adressing it, as apposed to asking me if I have done something different with my hair (um, yes, it looks bigger in relation to my lovely butt than it used to).

I have it found it very interesting to observe what comments I have received and my own reaction to the feedback.

Some people have been worried about my weight loss, asking if it is due to stress. They are totally on point, I haven`t tried to loose any, it simply happened. Some feel that I am more beautiful now that I am slimmer, others feel the opposite.

As for me? I have found that the comments don`t really affect me at all, not the positive ones, not the negative ones.

The thing is, I think that I am beautiful – regardless of being able to cross my legs sitting down or not. I am not perfect, but I am perfectly me.

Before I lost the weight I had already broken through my personal sound barrier, I had accepted and grown to love my body, just the way it is, with all of it`s imperfect perfections. I was already wearing colours and prints to my heart`s desire. I was happy with my looks. I didn`t have a need to loose weight, and now that I have I don`t feel any less va va voom.

My weight may vary. People`s perception of my external beauty may change. My own truth about my beauty is constant.

I stopped hiding a long time ago. If you squint a little you can still see me.

The outfit: I sewed this dress this morning, using some cotton fabric and part of an H&M-dress. The bolero is a Zara scarf that I reworked. The bling is Gina Tricot and a bag strap. The wegdes are Vagabond.

Tell me my friends, how do you deal with attention to your looks? How do you perceive your own beauty?


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