The lesson in chubby knees

by byanika on 27/11/2011 · 60 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!

If you met me as a teenager you would see me wearing skirts so long that they were dragging on the ground. I always felt uncomfortable with my legs. Later I would go all out and wear skirts that cover the knees. I know. But I felt naked doing it, exposed, you know?

I was always grateful to have legs that work, but there was all sorts of wrong with them. They were to fat. Too unattractive. Too curvy. I never thought I would enjoy showing them off. I never dreamed my chubby knees would be a part of me feeling hot.

There you go. I confess it. I feel hot. And I like my chubby knees. Hold the phone!

When the wind blows my skirt up I no longer fret to hold the skirt down. I let it travel further up than I used to. (Wait. What? Mum, stop reading.) Think Marilyn Monroe-moments, not full on flashing you-moments. It`s a fine line, I know. I`ll stop there.

The outfit: The dress and bolero (made from the same fabric that I used for my massive living room lamp) are my design. Bling is Forever 21 and H&M. Wegdes are Din Sko.

What is the lesson in my having chubby knees?

If you can`t (be bothered to) change what you`ve got then just get on with it and let it rip. I didn`t use to think that chubby legs are sexy, but I do now. Why? Because those are the knees I have got, so I might as well enjoy them.

Gusts of wind, please!

Tell me my friends, how do you feel about your gams?


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