Femme Fatale.

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Hi Sweethearts!

I call you sweethearts. My name means sweet face. We are sweet creatures.

Nurturing. Loving. Delicate. Lovely.

We know what is expected of us. We take on so many roles, some glady, others not so much. Always giving. Always happy to be generous, from the heart. Mostly.

Then there is this.

The  what can you do for me? The you think you can handle me? The yes, this time I`ll put my self first for a moment. Unapologetic. Raunchy. Direct. In control. Intens. Yes.

Not always pretty. Not always selfless. But also me. Also us.

I give thanks to every woman who came before me, on whose shoulders I stand as a woman today. I am free to be who I am. Vixen. Cutie pie. Business woman. Home maker. Fiercly independent. In need of a tender embrace. Full of life.

I am woman. Femme. Fatale that!

Tell me my friends, how do you embrace all the different parts of you?


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