All kinds of wrong. Made right.

by byanika on 15/03/2012 · 20 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!

See this jacket?

According to the rules for dressing as a curvy woman it is all kinds of wrong.

It doesn`t highlight my waist. It doesn`t showcase Thelma and Louise. It does highlight my generous buttocks and hips and legs. Curves and bulk coming together nicely. I felt shy in the jacket at first, exposed exposing my gams. But you know me, I took it for a walk anyways.

See, I love the jacket. I like that it is relaxed in a sort of chic-ish way with a touch of bonkers (thanks to the stripes I added to the sleeves, well, to one sleeve and a half seing as how I ran out of fabric but nevermind, now it is a feature -much as the massive lamp that I almost mangaged to drape).

So what if it is all wrong? I make it right.

That is the thing about life. And about determination. And about mixing lots of prints and bling and stripes and hips.

Go for it. Let it rip. Got something wrong? Make it yours, don`t stop until you get it right.

Your way.

The outfit: Massive arseenhancing jacket with added stripey oomph, Monki. Scarf, Lindex. Dress by petit moi. Blush thanks to still feeling shaky from recovering from the flu. Cheek bones making an appearance, a sign that I have been neclecting Ben and Jerry`s for too long.


Tell me my darling friends, do you also screw fashion rules and just get on with it?


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