Life is.

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Hi Sweethearts!

You know how people often comment about how something is fair or not? Deserved or not? Relating it to being a good person or not?

I think we all are worthy. We should all have high expections. We should reject disrespect. We should all know our worth.  We should all only include people in our lives that mirror our self respect.

In my life I don`t find this business of deeming what is deserved or not useful. My concern is, how the heck did I get here?

What choices have I made faced with my reality that have moved me into this very exiting/demanding/sad/happy place? What people am I choosing as my fellow travellers? What lessons have I made possible in my life?

I need to own it. I need to acknowlegde it. I need to take responsability. I need to take credit.

It is life. Life is.

 The outfit: I sewed this dress a while back, it is one of my favourites, with the sheer paysley-printed fabric. The fabrics come from various dresses. The scarf is from Zara, the shoe laces an old skirt that I shredded.


Tell me darling friends, how do you hold your self accountable in your lives?


I would love to connect with you!

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