Alone. Connected.

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Hi Sweethearts!

Have you ever sat next to a stranger, suddenly feeling aware of a connection to the the other person? Have you ever been in a room filled with people you know, suddenly feeling disconnected from them?

Have you ever sat alone somewhere, feeling deeply connected to your self, to something outside your self?

I have. I happens to me all of the time.

I`ll be on the tram, meeting someones gaze, sharing a smile, holding the moment before letting it pass again. I`ll be experiencing intense joy and gratitude watching a sunset with music blasting on my head set. I`ll be talking to someone, feeling a sudden loneliness upon realizing that they seem to think they know me better then they do.

I`ll be getting my glam on, walking out into the world. Curious to see what the day will bring.

Alone. Connected.

In prints.

The outfit: I sewed this dress from two skirts last year. The belt is from a skirt my mum bought in Paris when I was little. Reworked jacket, Monki with stripes by me. Scarf and clutch by Zara. Various bling and god damned unruly hair.


Tell me darling friends, do you ever share moments with strangers?


I would love to connect with you!

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