My body is unique.

by byanika on 05/04/2012 · 55 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!

You know, I have worked really hard for my body.

Do you know how many pints of B&J`s I have worked through to get my ass just right? How many laughs it has taken to get those smiley wrinkles? How much dancing to get my legs curvy enough?

This is my body. I`ve got stretchmarks lighting the way to my hips. I`ve got freckles in suprising places. I`ve got ears that I can move to impress (want a vlog?) I`ve got a waist-hip-ratio that has had me give up on jeans.

My point? My body is unique. I don`t compare it to anyone elses body.  There is no need.

I don`t want to feel bad about my body compared to bodies that I see in magazines. I also don`t want to feel good about my body compared to anyone elses body.

I love enjoying the beauty of other women. It has nothing to do with my own.

The outfit: The dress and bolero are my own designs. I made the bolero from a dress. Am so loving this electric blue lately! Bling mostly H&M, scarf by Zara, mysterious looks a result of trying to look va va voom. Hihi.

I confess it:

I love my body, regardless of weight. It is much more fun this way.


Tell me darling friends, do you compare your body to those of others?


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