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Hi Sweethearts!

See me, all decked out in snake? Curly hair out of control, with that funny-looking smile showing teeth and double chin? Wrinkes from crying and laughing? Soft tummy, ass with angles from here to heaven and totally untoned thighs?

Yes, I am confident. Now. Yes, I work at it. Every day.

Looking at pictures of my self is a mixed experience for me. Sometimes I love what I see. Sometimes I don`t . But I always embrace what I see.

I could choose to only show you pictures that depict me from my best angle. That, however is not how I roll.

I don`t want to only show you pictures of me in my best profile. I prefer to laugh at my self, breathe trough some discomfort at seing what I actually look like mid-spontanious-having-fun-and-finding-my-self-very-funny-laughter. Dear me.

I want to let you see me. Look if you want to, don`t if you don`t want to. The most important thing is that I look. And love.

I don`t want controlled perfectionism. I want to be my own biggest fan. And I want to be your biggest fan. I want fun. I want the real thing. So I am staying real, and I am not apologizing for it. This is me.

In my own picture I am (imperfectly) perfect. It is more practical for me to think so. It means I get to relax.

You know?

The outfit: Snake dress by H&M that I made to fit by adding stripey fabric to the sides before shortening it to provide my self with ample opportunity to love my chubby knees. Statement neckless (that doubles as can opener) by Gina Tricot. Bling by Gina Tricot. Wegdes by Vagabond with laces added by moi.

I would love to connect with you!

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