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Hi Sweethearts!

Welcome to my blog !

I am a curvy self worth activist and fashionlover blogging about the clothes I design and live my life in.
My style is Bold Eclectic Chic with sass and soul – designed By Anika.
My philosophy on clothes is much the same as on life; embrace your self and don`t let anyone tell you you are not valuable and beautiful, because I strongly believe that we all are, regardless of size.
My take on clothes is all about playfulness and self respect, as a (curvy) woman I am now loving my self and my curves, recognizing that I bloody well CAN wear colours and great shapes! I like to rework my clothes and design my own, if the clothes don`t fit me, then honey, they need changing -not me! Can I get an AMEN!
I want to live my life as the best me I can be, not regretting the choices I didn`t dare to make, whether it be reaching out to you sweet readers – or schlepping on a white dress and actually stepping out of the house in it. ;))
My wonderful friend Cameron of 33 Avenue Miquelon featured me a while back and I loved her questions so much I wanted to share the interview with you:”Campbell resides in Oslo, Norway, and promotes self-worth through her writing and photography within the framework of a fashion blog.

Name of Blog: Anika Campbell

Date of Founding: January 2010

A Short Description of Your Blog: My blog is all about an honest and humouristic approach to self-worth as expressed through clothes. You know how they say “be the change”? Well, I am humbly sharing my take on not apologizing for who I am anymore, and my voyage to self-love through embracing and sewing designs that showcase my curves through colour and pattern-mixes. Gotta have chutzpah! You know?

How did you find your way into fashion blogging?


I took a really deep breath, admitted to my self that I felt I had something to offer potential readers, decided that I bloody well could start a fashion blog as a curvy woman, and created my blog. I didn’t know the blogging world; I had barely read a blog. I just felt such a need for an outlet, and I felt that starting my blog would be significant in my life; I was right.

I have a strong creative streak. I have been writing philosophical texts and designing clothes my whole life. I am very visual, always looking for and finding inspiration around me. Dialogue is key in my life, and blogging brings all of these important elements in my life together.

What is the story behind the name of your blog?


The story is that I now am confident enough to simply call it is I see it. What you get at my blog is a piece of me. That is the whole point of personal blogging. I am my brand. Brought to you – By Anika.

You describe yourself as a self-worth activist. What events took place in your life made you decide to take up this cause, and how does this affect your blogging?


I have felt the impact of humiliation. I have been exposed to it, and I have done it to my self. For many years I didn’t love my self, my personality, my looks, my curves. I had a limited view of my self, and I accepted being put down. No more. I have chosen a profession that is all about supporting others, but I also know that I need to practice as I preach. I used to hide; now I don’t. I am who I am. Imperfectly me. Usually in clashing prints.

You reside in Oslo, Norway. Tell us about life in Oslo, how Norwegian culture compares/contrasts to the rest of the world in regards to views on fashion/weight/beauty/how women are treated et al, and how the culture does/does not influence your blog.


First, let me say that if you want a typical Norwegian I can’t help you. I am a crap Norwegian if Norwegian means skiing and being outdoorsy and not talking to strangers. If you want the kind of Norwegian that speaks six languages, feels European and loves Bhangra music, then I am your girl.

You know, I love Oslo. It is not a big city, but it does have soul. It is the most multicultural city in Norway, and I work in the most multicultural spot in Oslo. I seek diversity, that is where I feel at home. I think it comes from moving around as a child. I identify as a Third Culture Child, and the thing with us TCCs is that we are forced to create our own culture, fusing the cultures that we grow up in to one, very personal one. This is something we all do, I believe, more or less consciously. At the deepest level, that is what I am about, and what my blogging is about: Supporting everyone in their quest to be and explore who they are. It is about dignity.

Anika Campbell of By Anika

Campbell defining who she is with no outside help.

If one of my readers were to visit Oslo, what recommendations would you have regarding lodging/shopping/dining/cultural norms to respect et al?



Meet me! Come lounge at my sofa, walk arm in arm with me through the charming older parts of Oslo, shop your heart out (I am good at encouraging people while shopping), eat with me at my fave restaurants, and come boating to the lovely islands in the fjord where I put my leopard swim suit to good use (I am not talking dignified swimming you understand). We’d check out all the good museums, and then we’d get our bottoms shaking to African rhythms in a club. Sound good?

What has been your favourite moment as a fashion blogger?


Every time I connect with someone through my blogging is my favourite moment. Building true friendships with fellow bloggers. Going to New York for the #IFBcon last September. Realizing that people actually read my blog. Get out.

Anika Campbell of By Anika

The light pours out of Anika.

Why do you blog?



Honey, I blog because I can`t help my self.

If you had to pick one post that says “This is what my blog is all about,” which one would it be?


It would be one with spunk and vulnerability. I think this one dealing with my recent weight loss is a good one. It is not about fitting into some norm for perfection. It is about being imperfectly perfectly me.

What one piece of advice would you offer to our readers regarding:


Find your own voice. Wear what you feel is you. If others like it, great. If they don’t, so what.

Writing (blogging, journalism et al)? Stay true. If you don’t keep it genuine your readers will feel it.

Life in general? Believe in your self and always choose hope. There is nothing naive about hope.

Who is your blog for, and who is it not for?


My blog is for anyone who relates to me on some level. That answers both your questions right there.

Any final words?


Yes! In any situation we have a choice. Brutal as that may be at times, it also means that we have the power to make new choices, choices that reflect who you are and where you are going in your life. Don’t apologize for who you are. And never, ever, ever, accept anything less than respect from others.

What else? Dress up as much as you like at any given time, and don’t save the best dishes for the special occasions. You know when the special occasion is? It is right now.”

Thank you all so much for reading my blog. I love you.

Would you like to contact me? I would love to connect with you!   @AnikaByAnika  Facebook

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