A little help from my friends

Fajr and I each chose a favourite picture of the other for this post. Howdy! My name is Fajr and I run a site called StylishThought! Anika is a good friend of mine and I’m honored to be here and share a few words on digital friendships.     There’s this beautiful thing about blogging; […]


Photo Credit: Bella Q  Hello Sweethearts!  My name is Bella Q, I’m delighted to be doing a guest post over here on Anika’s blog. Anika is a kindred spirit, an inspiration AND a dear friend, even before I ever met her. Some people are like that- they pack a big impact on your life, and […]


Hi, sweethearts! I’m Casee Marie, the editor behind The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower, and I’m adopting Anika’s ever-memorable two-word introduction here in my guest post for a few reasons: because it encompasses the warmth we all anticipate with a ByAnika blog post, it’s familiar, but also because it reminds me of the positive […]

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