Silky hourglass

by byanika on 22/08/2010 · 21 comments

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Hi Sweethearts! Today I went for a minimal look with few accessories, letting my figure do the talking. And that`s a lot of talking LOL! The outfit: Dress, my design (made from a basic tee, spotty fabric and silk from a Noa Noa dress that never fit me but I loved the fabric so ) […]


It`s all about the waist

by byanika on 22/07/2010 · 10 comments

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Hi sweethearts! How are you? I decided that my black dress (that I made from a T from H&M and fabric) needed some definition at the waist. So today I sewed on a strip of a patterned black and white scarf to bring my waist into focus. You like? I worked the dress with leopard […]


I hardly ever wear all black anymore, but today I wore a dress I have sewn using a t-shirt from H&M. I wanted to spruce it up a little, so out came the colourful pops of colour! Studded sandals (DNA) Blinged up neckless (H&M) Earrings (bought in Toronto) Colourful fabric wrapped around my wrist White […]


Here`s me posing in a hurry and in brilliant sunshine today Black dress of my own design, the top of the dress is a Tshirt from H&M that I cut short and added to the dress Sandals from Zara that I reworked today Feathered head dress from H&M Earrings from Jade Jagger/Indiska Leather strap used […]


Windswept fun!

by byanika on 12/06/2010 · 4 comments

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Never one to let rain or winds stop me from having fun, I went shopping downtown Oslo today Look forward to showing you what I got later :))  My choice for today was a black dress (my design), black sequined bolero (Noa Noa), layered with a cardi from H&M that I chopped in half to […]


Hi gang, today I am feeling happy in my new studded peeptoe flats! I am working the flats today in my fave selfmade white dress… … and a black reworked vest with a statement neckless and gold bangle How `bout them peeptoe flats! I picked them up at Din Sko today, whizzing into the store, trying […]


  Much as I adore colour, I simply love getting my groove on in basic black and white -all layered and flowy. Here I am posing at a public restroom (LOL! The things I do in the name of blogging! ..Ok, fine, I may have done it before as well, but now I have the […]


My homemade studded sandals Summer has arrived, bringing with it lovely sunny days and the annual “Shit, what to wear”-moment Sound familiar? I adore summer, but let`s just say that the season brings plenty of opportunities to practice the art of self acceptance. I got out of my I-am-curvy-and-hot-and-bothered-and-don`t-know-how-to-dress-for-summer-without-feeling-unconfomfortably-curvy-period by getting back in charge, and […]


The other day I was at home with nothing to do, and to busy my self I decided to sew a new dress. After rummaging around a little I decided to give my beloved snake scarf from Indiska a new life as a dress! Here I am working the snake my way, with a reworked […]


Dressing my body is all about knowing and accuenting my shape- hourglass honey! Here I am working a black dress of my own design, adding shape with a ruffled white vest, sometimes that`s all it takes! The vest is H&M. It doesn`t take much to spruce up good basics I find, here a ethnic-style neckless […]

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