Hi Sweethearts!  The fully reckognizing who you are. Who I am. Where I am. How I got here. Where I need to go. The act of transformation. Of my self. Do you ever observe your self? I do. All the time. And then I marvel at the act of it, at the being of forces […]


Hi Sweethearts! You know, I have worked really hard for my body. Do you know how many pints of B&J`s I have worked through to get my ass just right? How many laughs it has taken to get those smiley wrinkles? How much dancing to get my legs curvy enough? This is my body. I`ve […]


Hi Sweethearts! See this jacket? According to the rules for dressing as a curvy woman it is all kinds of wrong. It doesn`t highlight my waist. It doesn`t showcase Thelma and Louise. It does highlight my generous buttocks and hips and legs. Curves and bulk coming together nicely. I felt shy in the jacket at […]

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