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All grown up.

by byanika on 18/01/2012 · 21 comments

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 Hi Sweethearts! No apologies. No pretence. No trying to airbrush my life. No trying to hide the lines on my face. I am all grown up. You know how they say that life never turns out the way you plan? You know how you think that applies to everyone but you, because you are different? […]


Hi Sweethearts! When was the last time you criticized your self? Took a hard look at your self and deemed your self under par? Allowed a negative inner monolouge about your self? You know when the last time I critiziced my self was? So long ago that I can`t remember.  I have let go of […]


Lost and found.

by byanika on 07/01/2012 · 18 comments

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Hi Sweethearts! The act of checking back into my self. The act of infusing a moment with significance, with meaning, with drive. The act of making a choice, not simply drifting into a place where the choice is made for me.  I am talking about actively seizing that moment. Reckognizing it. Feeling it. Grabbing a […]


Femme Fatale.

by byanika on 05/12/2011 · 23 comments

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Hi Sweethearts! I call you sweethearts. My name means sweet face. We are sweet creatures. Nurturing. Loving. Delicate. Lovely. We know what is expected of us. We take on so many roles, some glady, others not so much. Always giving. Always happy to be generous, from the heart. Mostly. Then there is this. The  what […]


Hi Sweethearts! If you met me as a teenager you would see me wearing skirts so long that they were dragging on the ground. I always felt uncomfortable with my legs. Later I would go all out and wear skirts that cover the knees. I know. But I felt naked doing it, exposed, you know? […]


Hi Sweethearts! As you know I am working my way back to my happy self, one day at a time, and one room in my new flat at a time. I am recharging, redefining, expressing my self, grounding my self within my self and in my new home. going at it determinedly. I finished my […]


   Hi Sweethearts! At the heart of identifying as a self worth activist is the quest for freedom. The act of freeing our selves and defining our selves holds such power – it increases our dignity. It is all about living with a high degree of dignity, as defined by each and every one of […]


Hi Sweethearts! I am as beautiful at any given time as I perceive my self to be, you know? Over the last months I have lost a lot of weight, to the point where people have started adressing it, as apposed to asking me if I have done something different with my hair (um, yes, […]



by byanika on 16/10/2011 · 41 comments

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Hi Sweethearts! My girl Bella recently tweeted me: “Gurl, where ARE you?”. That is a good question. I am in the middle of one of the most challenging times in my life. I am in the moment, breathing, trying to leap one step forward, into the next moment. I am at a crossroads. I am working […]


Hi Sweethearts! You know what I have stopped doing? I have stopped trying to impress others. I used to worry about how others perceive me. I used to give them cues on how to perceive me. I still do, in the sense that we all send signals to our surroundings about who we are, but […]

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