Hi Sweethearts! It may be snowy and cold outside, but Spring is in my heart, and now I want to enjoy my imaginary Spring through fashion! We have already established that I am in denial about where I live, so this seems like the next logical step don`t you think? I agree. Welcome to my new series: […]


 What color dominates your closet?  Does print count as a colour? I used to only wear black, but now there are hardly any black pieces in my closet. As my self esteem has grown I have embraced colour, and I love wearing all colour. I still think about it when I am in colourful clothes, like today […]


Hi Sweethearts! You know how some dresses make you feel va va voooooom? This is one of those dresses for me. (va va VOOM baby! LOL) Thinking back to all those years I walked around feeling fat, ugly and crap makes my joy of now being able to love my self and enjoy dressing up […]


Hi Sweethearts! How are you? Today I went for lots of colour, perfect for lifting my spirits on a grey autumn day at work. Granted, the colourful sequins might be a little much for work, but they match the dress so perfectly LOL I think it got away with it ;D The outfit: Dress, H&M […]


Hi Sweethearts! What do you get if you mix delicious purple and….. .. over the top burlesque? Honey, let me tell you,  mixed right it gets you one of my fashion heroes: the iconic style icon Dita von Teese! This woman is fierce! I love her style, which to me is all about embracing your curves […]


Hi sweethearts! How is your weekend going? I enjoyed mine today in an ensemble that ended up like a peacock-tribute LOL! What do you think, too much? The outfit: Dress, my design (made from an old skirt and shoelaces of my design) Scarf, left over material from another dress Tee, H&M (that I chopped shorter) […]


Getting colour coordinated

by byanika on 10/08/2010 · 8 comments

in colour

Today we swapped bookshelves with a neighbour and as I was getting the new one sorted I organized the books the way I do my closet, according to colour, LOL! The rest of our books are in our bedroom, as they match the black and white in there Am I the only one doing this? […]


Remember my first lovely and weird mix? It struck me as sort of funny that I was wearing many of the same items of clothing for my second take on that weird mix, but that the scarf had taken the place of the dress Dress of my own design (made from a skirt) Bolero of […]


Hi guys, how are you? Remember my rosy fabric (used to be a skirt) that I found in my mums basement and wore as a scarf the other day? Yesterday I sewed a dress from it and added shoe laces (that I made for a pair of sandals a while back) as a waistband. What […]


I need to start by giving a heartfelt THANK YOU to the lovely bloggers who are taking part in my “Spreading the love”-series, and a warm and humble THANK YOU to the fab bloggers who have done me the great honour of featuring me these last days. Their blogs are all amazing, and I would […]

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