Hourglass, honey!

by byanika on 01/02/2010 · 3 comments

in curvy,dresses,shape

In my opinion dressing fab is all about knowing my shape, forget about the tyranny of size! How many hours haven`t I spent in dressing rooms agonizing over my size – well, honey, let me tell you, I`m not doing that to my self no more! I am all hourglass -and loving it! One of […]


Skorching hot!

by byanika on 29/01/2010 · 4 comments

in curvy,fashion mags,Skorch

Copyrights belong to One week after starting my blog I was contacted by the fabulous Editor -in-Chief of the fashion magazine Skorch with a very exiting proposal: Would I like to join their great venture as a Fashion Editor? (!!!!) (Um, YES!) (No point playing hard to get there ). The filosofy of Skorch […]


Soultry love!

by byanika on 14/01/2010 · 2 comments

in curvy,fashion heroes,fierce,sites

I simply have to share some more pics from V-magazines shape issue that`s out now. Check out these soultry and confident women! Love it! Copyrights belong to Copyrights belong to How`s that for a tribute to one of my all time fashion heroes! (Honey, we need to buy white roses! ) For more […]


Curves ahead!

by byanika on 09/01/2010 · 4 comments

in curvy,fashion mags,models

copyrights belong to V magazine Every now and then a fashion magazine has the balls to use models that are full figured.. or shall we say closer to the size of the rest of us beautiful women. The fashion mag “V” has done a piece showcasing cutting egde fashion on curvy women… Love it! Enjoy […]

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