Nicole of NikStar and Kenyetta of My Dernier Cri are now doing an 8 Questions tag, and I decided to join in the fun (seing as how I am sleepless in Oslo tonight) If you want to join in you are tagged!At the end of the post you will find my 8 questions for you! […]


Dancing shoes daydreaming

by byanika on 20/06/2010 · 5 comments

in dance,shoes

Bianco I absolutely LOVE shoes, can`t get enough pairs! You feel me? LOL! Today I`ve been daydreaming of dancing shoes and grooving to my fave track of late. Enjoy! Bianco Christian Louboutin/Barneys Bianco Bianco Bianco Coloriffics/ Christian Louboutin/Barneys Fendi/Barneys Bianco Christian Louboutin/Barneys Alors, je dance! Copyrights belong to, and


Copyrights belong to Tomorrow I`m enjoying the farewell tour of the glorious Riverdance company with my familiy (thanks mum!). I can`t wait, I absolutely love dance, and I still remember seing the company completely upstage the Eurovisions competers when they blasted on to the stage in the break, dancing their way into an incredibly […]

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