Hi Sweethearts! You know how I`m always reworking my clothes and making curtain-turned-dresses-turned-jackets-turned-shoes-turned-corsets-turned-shoelaces? Today I am wearing an outfit of scarfes-reworked! Not really sure this is normal. The scarf before…. …and after! The outfit: Dress that I made from a scarf (Indiska). Bolero that I made from a scarf (H&M). Statement neckless Freequent). Peacock head dress […]


Hi gang, today I am feeling happy in my new studded peeptoe flats! I am working the flats today in my fave selfmade white dress… … and a black reworked vest with a statement neckless and gold bangle How `bout them peeptoe flats! I picked them up at Din Sko today, whizzing into the store, trying […]


Copyrights belong to http://www.londontopic.ca/ Tomorrow I`m enjoying the farewell tour of the glorious Riverdance company with my familiy (thanks mum!). I can`t wait, I absolutely love dance, and I still remember seing the company completely upstage the Eurovisions competers when they blasted on to the stage in the break, dancing their way into an incredibly […]

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