Hi Sweethearts!  The fully reckognizing who you are. Who I am. Where I am. How I got here. Where I need to go. The act of transformation. Of my self. Do you ever observe your self? I do. All the time. And then I marvel at the act of it, at the being of forces […]


Picture perfect?

by byanika on 29/04/2012 · 23 comments

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Hi Sweethearts! See me, all decked out in snake? Curly hair out of control, with that funny-looking smile showing teeth and double chin? Wrinkes from crying and laughing? Soft tummy, ass with angles from here to heaven and totally untoned thighs? Yes, I am confident. Now. Yes, I work at it. Every day. Looking at pictures […]


Hi Sweethearts! Have you ever sat next to a stranger, suddenly feeling aware of a connection to the the other person? Have you ever been in a room filled with people you know, suddenly feeling disconnected from them? Have you ever sat alone somewhere, feeling deeply connected to your self, to something outside your self? I have. […]


Life is.

by byanika on 20/03/2012 · 15 comments

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Hi Sweethearts! You know how people often comment about how something is fair or not? Deserved or not? Relating it to being a good person or not? I think we all are worthy. We should all have high expections. We should reject disrespect. We should all know our worth.  We should all only include people […]


Hi Sweethearts! When was the last time you criticized your self? Took a hard look at your self and deemed your self under par? Allowed a negative inner monolouge about your self? You know when the last time I critiziced my self was? So long ago that I can`t remember.  I have let go of […]


Hi sweethearts! Are you happy? For a long time I thought life was about endurance, about suffering my cross gracefully. Enough of that. Endurance, my friends, is not enough. No. I want to live happily. Why settle for anything less? I am blessed with a sunny disposition that I have fine tuned and defiantly embraced […]


Hi Sweethearts! Life is much like a safari in the wild. Have you noticed? You know how I am a self worth activist blogging about my voyage towards my self, sharing how this voyage is mirrored in my fashion? Well, I am at a point in my life where I feel so comfortable with who […]


Hi Sweethearts! The lovely bloggeristas Gigi and Anna have very kindly given me blogger awards and I am very grateful. As always I shan`t be passing them on to a few of you wonderful bloggers, I want to pass them on to all of you. Thank you all for all of the effort you put into your blogging.  […]


  Hi Sweethearts! Have you ever walked into a clothes store only to have the shop girl helpfully point out to you that nothing in the shop is likely to fit you? I have. I experienced a personal breakthrough a few years ago when I tried on a white frilly dress sized XL that did […]


Hi Sweethearts! My friend Ambu recently described me as non conformist. I felt very happy to read that she perceives me in this way, I felt seen.  Ambu described how she feels that I don`t let society dictate my choices and that I do not follow prescribed norms and standards. Being the thinker that I am, I have […]

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