Hi Sweethearts! The other day I sewed this dress from a scarf. If you think you have seen me in a snake scarf turned dress before you are absolutely right. I did sew one a year ago, but that dress does not exist anymore. You know me, my scarves are always being transformed into dresses/curtains/turbans/pillows/corsets/shoelaces. […]


Hi Sweethearts! Have you noticed all of the beautiful women around you? I love people-watching, but what I love the most is women-watching. I take such pleasure in the beauty of other women. I love looking at them, and you know, there is something beautiful about each and every woman, so that makes for a […]


 Hi Sweethearts! Welcome to the second Full Time Fabulous Community event, created by the wonderful Kristy. The theme for this month is spring, which in the words of Kristy “is a transitional season. Ideas like trying new things, stepping outside your comfort zone, challenging yourself are all themes that are playing a big role in […]


  Hi Sweethearts!   The beautiful bloggerista of The Merry Traveller paid me the most wonderful compliment recently, she had me laughing out loud when I read this:    “You my dear can be cast in a mix match of the most perplexing prints and emerge a victorious and gorgeous being! Kudos!”   Looking at […]



Hi Sweethearts! This weeks Friend Friday questions deal with the delicate subject of fitness. I would like to start with a disclaimer:   “What you are about to read are my honest and spontanious responses. I have the utmost respect for people who are fit. I, however, am not.”   Do you keep some kind […]


Hi Sweethearts! As you may have detected by now I like to dress up. I dress up each and every single day. You know who I dress up for? Me. You know why l dress up for me? Because I like to feel good, and I mean goooood! I love feeling fierce walking down the street, in that “Yes, I do have […]


 Hi Sweethearts!  Personal style is just that. I`ve decided my style is Bold Eclectic Chic – designed By Anika with soul and sass.  Personally I don`t feel comfortable in sweet looks, all though I am aware that my look isn`t so egdy, I guess it is all the curves and curls all over the place. I […]


Hi Sweethearts! Thank you again for all of your support. I am knackered, but my natural good spirits are coming back Todays outfit: Dress, my design Bolero, my design Scarf, sari fabric Earrings bought in Croatia Ring, bought in Croatia Neckless worn as bracelet, H&M Neckless, Indiska Shoes, Skopunkten sending you big hugs. See you […]


Hi Sweethearts! The summer has come and gone, leaving me with lots of happy memories, and lots of dresses! I have put toghether a collage of my fave outfits from the summer, and there are a lot LOL! Working on this post I have reached the following conclutions: *I love my outfit basically every day. […]


More ruffles, please!

by byanika on 17/08/2010 · 9 comments

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Hi Sweethearts! Let me come out of the ruffles-closet once and for all: I adore ruffles, and can`t get enough! LOL The outfit: Dress, my design ( top from H&M, skirt from another dress I sewed from two dresses, waistband from a scarf) Scarf, Shoe Lounge (with black tassels that I have added) Bag, H&M […]

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