Hi Sweethearts! Remember these white frills? The skirt of this dress was one of my personal breakthroughs in terms of defining what I can wear and not. That definition was blown wide open when I picked my shamed self up from the dressing room floor (when the dress sized XL didn`t fit) and walked out […]


Hi Sweethearts! Today I spent time with my stunning sister. It is such a pleasure to keep getting to know her, not just thinking of her as my younger sister but being interested in her as a person in her own right. I am very grateful for both her and my brother, I have such […]


Hi Sweethearts! How are you? Today the sun returned to Oslo, and I celebrated by stepping out in my new dress that I sewed yesterday I made the dress from a scarf (H&M) that is bonkers I know, but I love it, and a sequined t-shirt (Vero Moda). What do you think, to far out […]


Purple party

by byanika on 23/06/2010 · 7 comments

in fringe,purple,sandals,summer

Today I whipped out my favourite dress and some bling to go Holiday…celebrate!!! Every day is a party! Dress: Monsoon Neckless: H&M Bangles: Indiska and H&M Sandals bought in Split, Croatia, I added the fringe from another pair of shoes Descreet glasses bought in Split, Croatia How do you like my new layout on the […]


Windswept fun!

by byanika on 12/06/2010 · 4 comments

in black,By Anika,dresses,fringe,studs

Never one to let rain or winds stop me from having fun, I went shopping downtown Oslo today Look forward to showing you what I got later :))  My choice for today was a black dress (my design), black sequined bolero (Noa Noa), layered with a cardi from H&M that I chopped in half to […]


Today I enjoyed the annual Music Party that takes place in Oslo this time every year! My outfit for the day was a blue leopard dress, leopard scarf, fringed bag, bangles and feathered head dress. Chilling on a sidewalk in between concerts with my lovely sister Martine One cool fashionista! Here are some snaps from […]


  Much as I adore colour, I simply love getting my groove on in basic black and white -all layered and flowy. Here I am posing at a public restroom (LOL! The things I do in the name of blogging! ..Ok, fine, I may have done it before as well, but now I have the […]


I love mixing different textures, and this Saturday I went (into the) wild mixing taupe leopard and snake with studs and fringes! Let me tell you, going wild sure made for a fab day! (What goes on in the wild stays … well, you get my point ;D ). Here`s me craking up in my […]


Feeling fringy

by byanika on 18/01/2010 · 0 comments

in dresses,fringe,leopard

No my friends, rest assured that it hasn`t quite come to this – but I am bonkers about frills! I can`t explain the joy fringes give me (if anyone out there knows if this qualifies me for a diagnoses DON`T tell me, I`m very happy with my fringy state of mind thanks very much) (a […]

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