Hi Sweethearts! Thank you all so much for your comments! You know how changing our thoughts changes our lives? Today I have been thinking about the little things that gave me joy during this ordinary Tuesday: Black coffee first thing in the morning A hug from a lovely collegue Thinking about you guys Having a […]


Hi Sweethearts! How are you? Today I spent most of the morning de-ruching this lovely dress after a very funny moment in the mirror taking in the glory of my generous curves all decked out in ruching LOL Let`s just say that I removed 99% of the ruffles, you get the pic I also customized […]


Hi sweethearts! This weekend I am spending most of my time at the amazing Mela-festival, which is an annual multicultural music festival. I`ll try to show you some pics tomorrow For a night of shaking my hips to the bangra I needed to wear something lightweight and comfortable, and this outfit was just that. Remember […]


Here`s me posing in a hurry and in brilliant sunshine today Black dress of my own design, the top of the dress is a Tshirt from H&M that I cut short and added to the dress Sandals from Zara that I reworked today Feathered head dress from H&M Earrings from Jade Jagger/Indiska Leather strap used […]


Here`s my outfit today;  a brown dress with a cropped dusty grey jacket that I made from a coat yesterday, and a keyring used as neckless I threw in some leopard in the mix on my way home from work Yummy glitz I got this coat from Noa Noa a while back as a birthday […]


Today I`m working this printed dress, wearing this flight of birds put me in a happy mood – perfect for gearing up for the weekend! I mixed the dress with a purple scarf, a statement neckless, sweet hued bling and grey booties Apricot delights meet colourful birds Sweet and tough contrasts Tell me dear fashionlovers, […]


Mixing it up

by byanika on 03/04/2010 · 3 comments

in grey,reworked,scarf,todays outfit,wegdes

I don`t know about you, my fellow fashion-lovers, but I don`t normally like to wear the same outfits several days in a row, mixing it up keeps it more fun I think. However, after a shopping spree last week I have found myself wanting to enjoy my new fave accessories several days in a row, […]


Gray dress duplex

by byanika on 03/04/2010 · 2 comments

in dresses,grey,studs,third hand

What to do when you find a fab dress that doesn`t fit? Get two! Never one to succumb to the tyranny of size, that`s what I did when I spotted a lovely grey dress adorned with a studded neckline from Gina Tricot that I simply couldn`t leave without. (I`ve spent years working up the courage […]


Leopardious shades of Grrrrrey

by byanika on 18/01/2010 · 2 comments

in grey,leopard

I love to work the current trends in a less obvious way.. and one of my faves at the moment is leopard gone grey. Not so in your face, but still with it, Anika-style Here`s what I schlepped on this morning: Glitzy grey leopard bolero that I chopped the sleeves of from Vero Moda, mixed […]

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