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Hi Sweethearts! The other day I sewed this dress from a scarf. If you think you have seen me in a snake scarf turned dress before you are absolutely right. I did sew one a year ago, but that dress does not exist anymore. You know me, my scarves are always being transformed into dresses/curtains/turbans/pillows/corsets/shoelaces. […]


Bolero Bonanza!

by byanika on 29/06/2010 · 13 comments

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Hi Sweethearts! Today I spent an absolutely splendid and happy afternoon with my fabulous sweetheart friend Ragnhild. Lounging on cushions, enjoying good food and each others company.. ah, good times! Yesterday a reader named Tina asked if I could share how I make my scarf-come-boleros, so Tina, this one is for you! 1. Pick a […]

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