Hi Sweethearts! Today I discovered the amazing site We Heart It thanks to the beautiful Julia of Porcelain Complexion. This site holds so many fantastic pictures that I have decided to make sharing them a regular feature. Today I heart ruffles. <3 Smellin salts, please! <3 For more inspiration go to the Inspiration-page. xxx Anika


Hi sweethearts! Today I rearranged my closet, using our hallway closet to acommodate my growing collection of dresses by yours truly. As with the books I have my dresses sorted by colour. LOL! I love my closet to feel like a box of sweets waiting to be enjoyed, I love every piece in my closet, […]


Hi sweethearts! I want to share with you one of my fave spots in Oslo: The Gustav Vigeland Park. The best part of the park for me are the statues. I wanted to shoot the statues the same way I would people; up, close and personal. Looking at the statues in this way I feel […]


Thanks for all of your love sweethearts! I appreciate your time and feedback so. <3 xx Anika


Hi sweethearts! Looking at my fave looks from Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Ready to wear collection has me exited about fall! Taupes and greys please! Copyrights to the images belong to For more inspiration go to the inspiration page on the top of this page xx Anika


Hi sweethearts! Are you exited about fall and fashion? I am not ready to let the summer go, but I have been browsing the fall-collections, and I am thinking I`ll be able to transition my dresses to colder weather just fine These are my fave looks from the Diane von Furstenbergs Fall 2010 Ready to […]


I can`t speak after looking at this splendour. Let me just show you my top 3 of Givenchys 2010 Collection. Breathe, Anika, breathe! xxx


Hi sweethearts! As you may have picked up on I LOVE leopard prints, preferring to wear them mixed in not so obvious ways. Let me tell you, I am getting this top from H&M when it hits the shelves! I`m thinking reworked scarf/dress/bolero .. you know how it goes LOL Here is some more leopard […]


I absolutely love black and white photos. I collect them and take such pleasure and inspiration from the best ones. Here are some nice ones found online that I`d love to share with you, my sweet readers. xxx


A while back my fellow fashion blogger Katy Rose of ModlyChic invited me to join in her weekly Q&A to fashion bloggers, and I am more than happy to take part! Here are last weeks Q&A on Inspiration: 1. What celebrity (celebrities) do you look to for Fashion inspiration? I look to celebrities who dress […]

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