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Hi Sweethearts! As you know I am working my way back to my happy self, one day at a time, and one room in my new flat at a time. I am recharging, redefining, expressing my self, grounding my self within my self and in my new home. going at it determinedly. I finished my […]


Hi Sweethearts! As some of you know I am just as passionate about interiour design as I am about fashion, and at home I follow the same two rules that apply to my fashion-choices: 1. Only wear/surround your selves with what you love 2. Screw the rules I sew my soft furnishings my self, to get […]


Hi sweethearts! A while back I was chatting with the fab and sweet Sarah of Return to sender on FB about a pic showing a bit of our living room, and I said I show her some more So, Sarah, this one is for you, and for any of you sweet readers who might be […]


I have been thinking of this idea I had of doing a post on how my wardrobe and interiour mirror each other, but just had to do a quick one on how I might have taken matching to the next level by making clothes and pillows from the same fabric, LOL! There may be a diagnose […]


Feeling spotty!

by byanika on 12/01/2010 · 2 comments

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This is what my TV has been showing me today.. ever returning spots! Looking at the lumicent spots got me to thinking about… SPOTS (can`t always be profound, can I?!) Spots hit the runways every now and then, think 1950`s reworked! -Spots all around! Copyrights belong to Fashion and interiour design often draw inspiration […]

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