Hi Sweethearts! You know, I have worked really hard for my body. Do you know how many pints of B&J`s I have worked through to get my ass just right? How many laughs it has taken to get those smiley wrinkles? How much dancing to get my legs curvy enough? This is my body. I`ve […]


Hi sweethearts! Are you happy? For a long time I thought life was about endurance, about suffering my cross gracefully. Enough of that. Endurance, my friends, is not enough. No. I want to live happily. Why settle for anything less? I am blessed with a sunny disposition that I have fine tuned and defiantly embraced […]


Hi my sweetheart friends! I am many things. We all are. But most of all I am a free spirit. I tried to tame my self. I accepted letting others try to tame me, some doing it with good intentions, others not.   I nearly lost my self. My creativity stopped flowing. I stopped laughing. My […]


  Hi Sweethearts! Have you ever walked into a clothes store only to have the shop girl helpfully point out to you that nothing in the shop is likely to fit you? I have. I experienced a personal breakthrough a few years ago when I tried on a white frilly dress sized XL that did […]


Hi sweethearts! There was a time when I felt that I needed to dress in an overtly sexual way to be sexy. Now I know that sexy is a state of mind. Knowing my self is sexy. Being in the moment is sexy. Bravery is sexy. Dancing is sexy. Walking with oooomph is sexy. Sharing my emotions is sexy. […]


 Hi Sweethearts! Do you know that feeling of getting your mojo on in life? I am 32 and I finally feel that I am on a roll. This is evident in my fashion, in how often I laugh, in how often I do dance offs with my self in a mirror, in how many times […]


 Hi Sweethearts! Welcome to the second Full Time Fabulous Community event, created by the wonderful Kristy. The theme for this month is spring, which in the words of Kristy “is a transitional season. Ideas like trying new things, stepping outside your comfort zone, challenging yourself are all themes that are playing a big role in […]


  Hi Sweethearts!   The beautiful bloggerista of The Merry Traveller paid me the most wonderful compliment recently, she had me laughing out loud when I read this:    “You my dear can be cast in a mix match of the most perplexing prints and emerge a victorious and gorgeous being! Kudos!”   Looking at […]



  Hi Sweethearts! This week the Friend Friday questions are all about lessons learned and rules of engagement for bloggers. Guest posts are a good way to gain new exposure. What do you think is the appropriate way to go about securing a guest spot? Personally I have not approached anyone asking them to guest post (yet), […]



Hi Sweethearts!  This weeks Friend Friday questions deal with feminism and fashion blogging. I grew up with a dad that I consider feminist in the sense that he always has reminded me not to let being a woman hold me back, incouraging me to go for it. I have grandmothers who did go for it, establishing […]

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