Hi Sweethearts! It may be snowy and cold outside, but Spring is in my heart, and now I want to enjoy my imaginary Spring through fashion! We have already established that I am in denial about where I live, so this seems like the next logical step don`t you think? I agree. Welcome to my new series: Spring […]


 Hi Sweethearts!  Personal style is just that. I`ve decided my style is Bold Eclectic Chic – designed By Anika with soul and sass.  Personally I don`t feel comfortable in sweet looks, all though I am aware that my look isn`t so egdy, I guess it is all the curves and curls all over the place. I […]


 Leopard hat, H&M. Tribal scarf, Zara. Baby blues, mum & dad. Paisley scarf bought by mum in Paris 30 years ago. H&M jacket with studs I added from a bag. Hi Sweethearts! Thank you all so much for your love and support of my blog! You guys blow me away and make my life happier. […]


      Hi Sweethearts!   Who gets to label me and my worth? I do! When I joined the blogsphere a while back I wasn`t aware of the whole fatshion-movement, but was very happy to find that there were other people out there claiming their own self worth in a positive way, in terms of selfesteem, […]


Hi Sweethearts! Welcome to the first proper post in my new bloghome! It is lovely to see you here. I have been thinking about perfection today, and about the lenghts we sometimes go to to be perfect. The thing is, I don`t see the link between perfect and happy. I`ll take happy over perfect any […]


 Hi Sweethearts! Did you know that Santa is a georgous bloggerista living in Dubai? The fab Val of http://www.blogtobealive.com/ created the Secret Santa-happening, where bloggers sent gifts to each other, like secret friends. Lovely!LuAnne of http://www.weeshasworld.com/  was my not so secret Santa this year, (we agreed to be each others Santa on facebook, that is […]


      Hi Sweethearts! It may be freezing outside, but I still want to enjoy my summer-dresses Today I went for a rosy-leopard mix. I haven`t been feeling very comfortable about my body lately, but wanting to be kind to my self I refuse to hide my self, I think roses and loud patterns […]


Hi Sweethearts! Remember my snake mini (H&M) that I wore as a scarf? Today I decided I didn`t have enough boleros lol, so now my mini-scarf is a bolero. I braved the snow in it today, mixed with a purple scarf (Indiska), leopard dress (my design), feathers and ring (H&M).   I am sorry to say […]


Hi Sweethearts! I sewed this figure-hugging dress yesterday, and with my improved inner monolouge saying  “Yes I can tell you that I like my shape without being too unabashed” (lol), I don`t mind telling you that I love the way it follows my hourglassy curves. It is all a part of this self-bloody-well-rejoycing-project/ succumbing to […]


Hi sweethearts! Thank you all so much for reading and commenting! I am a firm believer that our thoughts can help us define how we feel, making our inner monolouge a powerful tool to use in terms of our perspective on our selves and the lives we lead. To have power brings the responsibility of […]

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