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Hi Sweethearts! I am very grateful to say that a post of mine was included in IFBs links a la mode! I have been doubting my blogging lately, so I really appreciate the encouragement, and also all the support from you, my darling friends. Enjoy these wonderful posts!   Change   Edited by: Sonia of […]


Ask and you shall receive Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour This blogging thing…it’s been around a while now, and many are realizing what a rewarding endeavor it is, on a sartorial and psychological level. One thing I love about blogging is the opportunity to ask a question, ponder a theory—and have others share […]


  For the Love of Clothes Edited by Fajr Muhammad at Stylish Thought If fashion is one thing; it’s fun! Whether fashion bloggers are chronicling their ensembles, spring cleaning their wardrobes or finding the perfect colored jean they are loving their clothes. In IFB we discuss fashion from so many angles we often forget the […]


Savage Blogging Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour Savage Beauty. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard the paradoxically exquisite title of the Alexander McQueen exhibit currently mesmerizing the fashion world and the blogosphere. I mention it for two reasons. First, a couple bloggers in this week’s roundup show you the exhibit in New York—as […]


The View from Here Edited by Holier than Now So the time has come for me to pass the baton to the next Links a La Mode curator, but in reflecting on the last few months I’m amazed at the diversity of aesthetics, lifestyles and opinions I’ve discovered gathering these links each month. It’s a […]


links a la mode

“I have confidence that spring will come again, Besides which you see I have confidence in me” Edited by Florrie Clarke of Intrinsically Florrie Within this week’s links I kept noticing a resounding honestly in the heartfelt posts. When we blog or choose an outfit we are putting ourselves out there for all to judge, […]


links a la mode

Behind the clothes Edited by: Florrie Clarke of Intrinsically Florrie It’s war of the underwear this week! What can lingerie do for our figures, what does body shaping underwear say about our feminist principles and how does our choice actually affect our health? The post that will stay with me this week is The Button […]


links a la mode

The Power of Words Edited by: The Sunday Best One story dominated my thoughts this week, and I was glad to see an IFB member tackle it in a post. I’m talking about the Marie Claire article. I’m not going to link to it, or even say what it was about, since I assume you […]


Jealousy, Race, and Summer Jackets Edited by: Thom Wong of The Sunday Best. A veritable cornucopia of stylish reading awaits you in this week’s list. You’ll get taken on a tour of (rarely mentioned) downtown Halifax, discuss again whether any role model should be based on image, and look into doing the impossible with a […]


Looking back, moving forward? Edited by: Florrie Clarke of Intrinsically Florrie. This week’s links bound across time as we go from the first incarnations of the handbag, to both the glamour and reality of the mid-20th Century and the modern phenomenon of online shopping. And when, in all this, will women be happy with their […]

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