Hi sweethearts! Today I went for a mix of some of my absolute fave pieces, you`ve seen them before, and I`m sure you will again, but I hope you don`t mind I feel so comfortable in this outfit, and the right combo of bonkers and chic, I feel very me I suppose LOL The outfit: […]


Well, hello there! Peacock-happy! Today I was feeling confident in a leopard blue dress and a studded bolero jacket, not a bad thing during a challenging day at work! I reworked the top of the dress from a halterneck to a sweetheart neckline because this accents my hourglass shape where the halterneck just made me look top […]


Peacock inspired style comes around every now and then, and this season it`s back as a growing trend for spring. I like to take the peacock(-trend that is) for a spin in my own way, like today when I feel inspired by the beautiful picture above, here`s how I`m mixing brown with two of my […]

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