Autumnal rust

by byanika on 09/09/2010 · 26 comments

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Hi sweethearts! Today I decided to take inspiration from the falling leaves and go autumnal in rust. The dress is a size 44, which is one to little for me, it was tiiiight! LOL so I undid the seams in the front and the back, and let the hem down, and now it fits. ;D […]


Hi Sweethearts! It is so good to see you again! Thank you for your well wishings while I`ve been sick. I am still under the weather, but finally able to get out of bed and dressed! YAYY! lol Today I dragged my self to work in my latest design: The outfit: Dress, my design (top […]


Today I enjoyed the annual Music Party that takes place in Oslo this time every year! My outfit for the day was a blue leopard dress, leopard scarf, fringed bag, bangles and feathered head dress. Chilling on a sidewalk in between concerts with my lovely sister Martine One cool fashionista! Here are some snaps from […]


Today I went all out mixing prints!  I grounded the outfit by picking up on the taupe in the dress and bringing it through to the ruffled vest and leopard scarf. I love wearing this flowy dress that I made with fabric from a dress that just wouldn`t suit me. So, I cut it up and sewed […]


Today I`m working this printed dress, wearing this flight of birds put me in a happy mood – perfect for gearing up for the weekend! I mixed the dress with a purple scarf, a statement neckless, sweet hued bling and grey booties Apricot delights meet colourful birds Sweet and tough contrasts Tell me dear fashionlovers, […]

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