Hi Sweethearts! This weeks Friend Friday questions speak to the heart of my blog: The voyage towards loving our selves. Since you started blogging has your image of yourself changed? Yes! My image of my self – both in terms of my self image and my body image- has changed, for the better. I had come  […]


 What color dominates your closet?  Does print count as a colour? I used to only wear black, but now there are hardly any black pieces in my closet. As my self esteem has grown I have embraced colour, and I love wearing all colour. I still think about it when I am in colourful clothes, like today […]


8 questions

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Hi Sweethearts! The beautiful LuAnne of Weeshas World has tagged me with these 8 questions, the rules are to answer 8 questions and then make up 8 new ones and tag 8 others. Here are my answers. I will tag 8 bloggeristas at the end of the post. What would you ask for if a […]


Friday Q&A: Mix and mathc

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It`s Friday, and time for the Q&A that some of us blogger take part in. Want to join in? Go to Katy of Modly Chic! What’s your most versatile piece of clothing? How do you wear it? Well, as you readers of my blog already know, I like to mix and match basically everything in […]


Stylish link love

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Today I was surprised and happy to find that the sweet Sarah of Bombshell Beauty included me in her Bombshell roundup! Thanks! Be sure to check out her blog Inspired by her, here are some of my link loves this week: I enjoyed reading the Blogger Q&A that Curves and Chaos did on the sweet Carla. Love […]


Every week the lovely Katy Rose of Modly Chic sends questions that some of us bloggers share our answers too. Want to join in the fun? Check out her blog! On topic this week is personal confidence: 1 When you wear an outfit that you love, how does that change your mental state? Oh, it can […]


My mum and me. Which character trait of your mother’s do you hope to emulate? My mum is an amazing person, with tremendous strength, generousity, sensitivity and grace. She shows me how to take life on and not give up, and I am very grateful for our relationship. If I have to choose just one trait […]


A while back my fellow fashion blogger Katy Rose of ModlyChic invited me to join in her weekly Q&A to fashion bloggers, and I am more than happy to take part! Here are last weeks Q&A on Inspiration: 1. What celebrity (celebrities) do you look to for Fashion inspiration? I look to celebrities who dress […]

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