Hi sweethearts! There was a time when I felt that I needed to dress in an overtly sexual way to be sexy. Now I know that sexy is a state of mind. Knowing my self is sexy. Being in the moment is sexy. Bravery is sexy. Dancing is sexy. Walking with oooomph is sexy. Sharing my emotions is sexy. […]


Flaming June & Anika

by byanika on 06/11/2010 · 29 comments

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Hi sweethearts! In fashion -as well as in life- I take inspiration from everything and everyone around me. I am always ready for the next inspiring moment, be it going for walks enjoying the details of beautiful buildings, or crashing into lightpoles because I got so caught up in the detail of someones outfit that […]


Hi Sweethearts! How are you? Today I spent most of the morning de-ruching this lovely dress after a very funny moment in the mirror taking in the glory of my generous curves all decked out in ruching LOL Let`s just say that I removed 99% of the ruffles, you get the pic I also customized […]


Hi Sweethearts! My outfit today was all about playing up neutral textures. I love using textures to make an outfit more interesting. La piece de resistance today was my latest scarf aka a miniskirt LOL! (It really is the only way I know how to work a mini hahhahahahah) I The outfit: Dress, my design […]


Hi Sweethearts! It is so good to see you again! Thank you for your well wishings while I`ve been sick. I am still under the weather, but finally able to get out of bed and dressed! YAYY! lol Today I dragged my self to work in my latest design: The outfit: Dress, my design (top […]


Hi Sweethearts! Today I discovered the amazing site We Heart It thanks to the beautiful Julia of Porcelain Complexion. This site holds so many fantastic pictures that I have decided to make sharing them a regular feature. Today I heart ruffles. <3 Smellin salts, please! <3 For more inspiration go to the Inspiration-page. xxx Anika


 Hi sweethearts! <3 Today I read one of the most beautifully imaged post in a long time, and couldn`t resist sharing it with you. Julia of Porcelain Complexion (one of my absolute fave bloggers) is a romantic after my heart Go to her wonderful blog to enjoy more beautiful lacy pics such as these: I […]


Working girl

by byanika on 23/08/2010 · 10 comments

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Hi Sweethearts! The summer is coming to an end and I am back to work. This is my take on the professional look today. Need councelling? Step into my office! LOL The outfit: Dress, my design (made from a scarf from Indiska) Ruffled vest, H&M (I added the spotty waistband) Sandals, DNA Ring, Lindex Earrings, […]


More ruffles, please!

by byanika on 17/08/2010 · 9 comments

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Hi Sweethearts! Let me come out of the ruffles-closet once and for all: I adore ruffles, and can`t get enough! LOL The outfit: Dress, my design ( top from H&M, skirt from another dress I sewed from two dresses, waistband from a scarf) Scarf, Shoe Lounge (with black tassels that I have added) Bag, H&M […]


Hello sweethearts! It`s raining in Oslo again, and I actually find it beautiful, if not the perfect weather for summer. I sewed /reworked this dress this morning before leaving the house (a common sight at my house LOL) I originally made the white dress from two dresses, I figure that if something that I love […]

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