Today I had the pleasure of enjoying the exellent company of my sister Martine, who not only is incredibly smart and funny, but also a fashionista in her own right! I am such a fan of her style, and honestly I wish I could pull off the egdy and relaxed fashion she showcases. Effortlessly chic!  I hope […]


Today I went for a slightly bonkers combo of loved pieces, but I think it works, how about you? Here I am mixing a white dress of my own design with a cut off sequined top, topping it off with a feathered head dress, coral earrings and leopard scarf. (I`m realizing that I don`t really do […]


Today I went all out mixing prints!  I grounded the outfit by picking up on the taupe in the dress and bringing it through to the ruffled vest and leopard scarf. I love wearing this flowy dress that I made with fabric from a dress that just wouldn`t suit me. So, I cut it up and sewed […]


Dressing my body is all about knowing and accuenting my shape- hourglass honey! Here I am working a black dress of my own design, adding shape with a ruffled white vest, sometimes that`s all it takes! The vest is H&M. It doesn`t take much to spruce up good basics I find, here a ethnic-style neckless […]


I love mixing basic colours and making an outfit interesting by layering patterns and textures. Today I am toughening up my new white ruffled vest with a lepoard scarf and statement neckless. Flowy white layers of ruffles on my new H&M vest, with the contrasting rough neckless Textureheaven My darling fashionistas, how do you like […]


Todays outfit

by byanika on 10/01/2010 · 2 comments

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I`ll be posting some of my outfits for you to check out if you like. Today I opted for my favourite black dress with layered cardigans made of silk and wool. Ruffled detail from the dress, which I made from the fabric of two Vero Moda dresses. Me in the middle of — shall we […]

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