Hi Sweethearts! It may be snowy and cold outside, but Spring is in my heart, and now I want to enjoy my imaginary Spring through fashion! We have already established that I am in denial about where I live, so this seems like the next logical step don`t you think? I agree. Welcome to my new series: […]


Hi Sweethearts! Would you like me to make you an original By Anika? I would love to show my love for you in this way, so when I read about Carlas paying it forward-challenge I jumped on it. It is like my mum says,  “we shouldn`t just say halleluja!, we should DO hallelujah!?”  Here is […]

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Hi sweethearts! Remember how I told you before that I only keep stuff in my wardrobe that I absolutely love? Since adopting this approach to my clothes my days of what-the-f-to-put-on-and-feel-fab-when-I-only-have-clothes-that-don`t fit-days don`t come around that much. I am happier for it. Now I have made my closet into my colourful, shiny and inviting candy […]


Hi Sweethearts! This weekend I sewed four dresses LOL. This is me at work today in one of them. I love dressing up, each and every day. For me, dressing up is about taking care of my self, about respecting my self, and about trying to be present and make the most of all of […]


Hi Sweethearts! After reading your lovely comments, where several of you commented that only I could pull of a look like the one with the studded winter-jacket, it got me thinking: Chic or crazy. It`s a fine line, you know! I have to say I am not always sure I am on the chic side […]


Flaming June & Anika

by byanika on 06/11/2010 · 29 comments

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Hi sweethearts! In fashion -as well as in life- I take inspiration from everything and everyone around me. I am always ready for the next inspiring moment, be it going for walks enjoying the details of beautiful buildings, or crashing into lightpoles because I got so caught up in the detail of someones outfit that […]


But is it art?

by byanika on 04/10/2010 · 10 comments

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Hi sweethearts! Yesterday was a classic autumnal sunday; going for a walk in horisontal rain, coffeeshop, and art gallery (my sister and I broke out laughing inappropriately at the gallery when looking at some of the art LOL, I do love art, but I also do have a strongly developed sense of humour). I also […]


Autumnal rust

by byanika on 09/09/2010 · 26 comments

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Hi sweethearts! Today I decided to take inspiration from the falling leaves and go autumnal in rust. The dress is a size 44, which is one to little for me, it was tiiiight! LOL so I undid the seams in the front and the back, and let the hem down, and now it fits. ;D […]

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