Today I braved the weather in studded sandals, brown dress (both my design), black bolero (Noa Noa), statement neckless (Frequent) and leopard scarf (H&M). Inspired by the windy weather I got on with my posing : Being blessed with good spirits certainly comes in handy during Norwegian summers! xoxo Anika Sweetfaced Style


Today I enjoyed the annual Music Party that takes place in Oslo this time every year! My outfit for the day was a blue leopard dress, leopard scarf, fringed bag, bangles and feathered head dress. Chilling on a sidewalk in between concerts with my lovely sister Martine One cool fashionista! Here are some snaps from […]


Today I enjoyed a lovely walk home in the warm summer evening with my sweetheart. Bliss! I faced my insecurities about my body that always get to me this time of year and went out to enjoy the summer in my latest project; a black and greyish blue zebra print dress that I have reworked completely. I […]

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My homemade studded sandals Summer has arrived, bringing with it lovely sunny days and the annual “Shit, what to wear”-moment Sound familiar? I adore summer, but let`s just say that the season brings plenty of opportunities to practice the art of self acceptance. I got out of my I-am-curvy-and-hot-and-bothered-and-don`t-know-how-to-dress-for-summer-without-feeling-unconfomfortably-curvy-period by getting back in charge, and […]

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