Hi Sweethearts! I sewed this figure-hugging dress yesterday, and with my improved inner monolouge saying  “Yes I can tell you that I like my shape without being too unabashed” (lol), I don`t mind telling you that I love the way it follows my hourglassy curves. It is all a part of this self-bloody-well-rejoycing-project/ succumbing to […]


Silky hourglass

by byanika on 22/08/2010 · 21 comments

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Hi Sweethearts! Today I went for a minimal look with few accessories, letting my figure do the talking. And that`s a lot of talking LOL! The outfit: Dress, my design (made from a basic tee, spotty fabric and silk from a Noa Noa dress that never fit me but I loved the fabric so ) […]


Hi sweethearts! Today I couldn`t wait to put on my latest purchase so I changed into this dress before leaving the store, LOL! I fell in love with the colour and the way the dress plays up my hourglass shape. All hips and waist, and I`m ok with it Ok, looking at the pics, it really […]


Dressing my body is all about knowing and accuenting my shape- hourglass honey! Here I am working a black dress of my own design, adding shape with a ruffled white vest, sometimes that`s all it takes! The vest is H&M. It doesn`t take much to spruce up good basics I find, here a ethnic-style neckless […]


Hourglass, honey!

by byanika on 01/02/2010 · 3 comments

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In my opinion dressing fab is all about knowing my shape, forget about the tyranny of size! How many hours haven`t I spent in dressing rooms agonizing over my size – well, honey, let me tell you, I`m not doing that to my self no more! I am all hourglass -and loving it! One of […]


It`s all about the shape girls

by byanika on 09/01/2010 · 3 comments

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When it comes to dressing fabulously it is all about knowing your bodyshape and what flatters your shape – forget worrying about size! You may have seen the shows “How To Look Good Naked” and “Goks Beauty Show” on tv, both shows celebrating all of us women and our natural good looks. Now you can […]

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