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by byanika on 29/04/2012 · 23 comments

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Hi Sweethearts! See me, all decked out in snake? Curly hair out of control, with that funny-looking smile showing teeth and double chin? Wrinkes from crying and laughing? Soft tummy, ass with angles from here to heaven and totally untoned thighs? Yes, I am confident. Now. Yes, I work at it. Every day. Looking at pictures […]


Hi Sweethearts! Have you ever sat next to a stranger, suddenly feeling aware of a connection to the the other person? Have you ever been in a room filled with people you know, suddenly feeling disconnected from them? Have you ever sat alone somewhere, feeling deeply connected to your self, to something outside your self? I have. […]


Hi Sweethearts! I am as beautiful at any given time as I perceive my self to be, you know? Over the last months I have lost a lot of weight, to the point where people have started adressing it, as apposed to asking me if I have done something different with my hair (um, yes, […]


Hi Sweethearts! The other day I sewed this dress from a scarf. If you think you have seen me in a snake scarf turned dress before you are absolutely right. I did sew one a year ago, but that dress does not exist anymore. You know me, my scarves are always being transformed into dresses/curtains/turbans/pillows/corsets/shoelaces. […]


Hi Sweethearts! Remember my snake mini (H&M) that I wore as a scarf? Today I decided I didn`t have enough boleros lol, so now my mini-scarf is a bolero. I braved the snow in it today, mixed with a purple scarf (Indiska), leopard dress (my design), feathers and ring (H&M).   I am sorry to say […]


Hi Sweethearts! I sewed this figure-hugging dress yesterday, and with my improved inner monolouge saying  “Yes I can tell you that I like my shape without being too unabashed” (lol), I don`t mind telling you that I love the way it follows my hourglassy curves. It is all a part of this self-bloody-well-rejoycing-project/ succumbing to […]


Hi sweethearts! Thank you all so much for reading and commenting! I am a firm believer that our thoughts can help us define how we feel, making our inner monolouge a powerful tool to use in terms of our perspective on our selves and the lives we lead. To have power brings the responsibility of […]


Hi Sweethearts! This weekend I sewed four dresses LOL. This is me at work today in one of them. I love dressing up, each and every day. For me, dressing up is about taking care of my self, about respecting my self, and about trying to be present and make the most of all of […]


Hi Sweethearts! After reading your lovely comments, where several of you commented that only I could pull of a look like the one with the studded winter-jacket, it got me thinking: Chic or crazy. It`s a fine line, you know! I have to say I am not always sure I am on the chic side […]


Hi sweethearts! It is freezing here in the beautiful land of Norway, but you know me, I still need my studs and prints I can`t honestly say that I am a practical dresser. I do realize that this might seem surprising to some of you LOL This is one of my ok-fine-it-is-bloody-cold-and-clearly-I-am-not-that-well-insulated-but-I-don`t-want-to-wear-something-boring-and-not-feel-like-me-when-braving-the-freakin-horizontal-storms-compromises. I used to […]

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