statement neckless

Today I braved the weather in studded sandals, brown dress (both my design), black bolero (Noa Noa), statement neckless (Frequent) and leopard scarf (H&M). Inspired by the windy weather I got on with my posing : Being blessed with good spirits certainly comes in handy during Norwegian summers! xoxo Anika Sweetfaced Style


Today we had some friends over for a garden party. I enjoyed the splendid weather and company in prints from top to bottom; snake print dress that I made from a scarf and leopard glasses,  topped off with a statement neckless that  I created from the neckline of a dress. Well hello there! I love the […]


Hi gang, today I am feeling happy in my new studded peeptoe flats! I am working the flats today in my fave selfmade white dress… … and a black reworked vest with a statement neckless and gold bangle How `bout them peeptoe flats! I picked them up at Din Sko today, whizzing into the store, trying […]


Here`s my outfit today;  a brown dress with a cropped dusty grey jacket that I made from a coat yesterday, and a keyring used as neckless I threw in some leopard in the mix on my way home from work Yummy glitz I got this coat from Noa Noa a while back as a birthday […]


  Much as I adore colour, I simply love getting my groove on in basic black and white -all layered and flowy. Here I am posing at a public restroom (LOL! The things I do in the name of blogging! ..Ok, fine, I may have done it before as well, but now I have the […]


The other day I was at home with nothing to do, and to busy my self I decided to sew a new dress. After rummaging around a little I decided to give my beloved snake scarf from Indiska a new life as a dress! Here I am working the snake my way, with a reworked […]


Today I`m working this printed dress, wearing this flight of birds put me in a happy mood – perfect for gearing up for the weekend! I mixed the dress with a purple scarf, a statement neckless, sweet hued bling and grey booties Apricot delights meet colourful birds Sweet and tough contrasts Tell me dear fashionlovers, […]


I love mixing basic colours and making an outfit interesting by layering patterns and textures. Today I am toughening up my new white ruffled vest with a lepoard scarf and statement neckless. Flowy white layers of ruffles on my new H&M vest, with the contrasting rough neckless Textureheaven My darling fashionistas, how do you like […]

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