Hi Sweethearts! I always feel the need to mix it up! A single colour is never enough for me. One pattern is unfulfilling. One language is limiting. Too much safety is stifling. You know what I love? Individuality. I love that we can mix the same staples in so many different ways. I love that […]


 Hi Sweethearts! Do you know that feeling of getting your mojo on in life? I am 32 and I finally feel that I am on a roll. This is evident in my fashion, in how often I laugh, in how often I do dance offs with my self in a mirror, in how many times […]


Hi Sweethearts!  Thank you all so much for your happy birthday-wishes, and for reading and commenting here chez moi. I appreciate you so!  A while back I received a blog award from the beautiful Els of xl Fashionfile, thank you so much darling Els!  Like the stunning Vahni I have decided to not list blogs for awards […]


The dress is an H&M-maxi that I reworked by shortening it, widening the neckline a d adding the purple belt from a top I had lying around. I cut the bolero  from an  H&M tunique. The scarf and bangle are also H&M. The neckless is Accessories, the watch is ICE and the wegdes are Nilson. […]


Hi sweethearts! Remember how I told you before that I only keep stuff in my wardrobe that I absolutely love? Since adopting this approach to my clothes my days of what-the-f-to-put-on-and-feel-fab-when-I-only-have-clothes-that-don`t fit-days don`t come around that much. I am happier for it. Now I have made my closet into my colourful, shiny and inviting candy […]


Hi Sweethearts! How are you? I sewed this dress today. I have wanted to wear stripes for a long time, but didn`t really dear to, thinking that stripes and fuller figures maybe wasn`t a good idea. Thankfully there are lots of fab bloggers out there inspiring me, so here I am, curvy and stripey! LOL […]


Hi sweethearts! <3 I guess this is as close I`ll get to sailor chic this summer LOL I finally decided I can wear horizontal stripes! I felt a bit shy about it before, but, honestly, there are so many rules about what to wear and not, and I am so tired of all the dont`s […]


Today I had the pleasure of enjoying the exellent company of my sister Martine, who not only is incredibly smart and funny, but also a fashionista in her own right! I am such a fan of her style, and honestly I wish I could pull off the egdy and relaxed fashion she showcases. Effortlessly chic!  I hope […]

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