Hi sweethearts! It is freezing here in the beautiful land of Norway, but you know me, I still need my studs and prints I can`t honestly say that I am a practical dresser. I do realize that this might seem surprising to some of you LOL This is one of my ok-fine-it-is-bloody-cold-and-clearly-I-am-not-that-well-insulated-but-I-don`t-want-to-wear-something-boring-and-not-feel-like-me-when-braving-the-freakin-horizontal-storms-compromises. I used to […]


But is it art?

by byanika on 04/10/2010 · 10 comments

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Hi sweethearts! Yesterday was a classic autumnal sunday; going for a walk in horisontal rain, coffeeshop, and art gallery (my sister and I broke out laughing inappropriately at the gallery when looking at some of the art LOL, I do love art, but I also do have a strongly developed sense of humour). I also […]


Hi Sweethearts! It is so good to see you again! Thank you for your well wishings while I`ve been sick. I am still under the weather, but finally able to get out of bed and dressed! YAYY! lol Today I dragged my self to work in my latest design: The outfit: Dress, my design (top […]


Images found at We Heart It I adore studs. Be still my heart. <3 xxx Anika


Hi sweethearts! How is your weekend going? I enjoyed mine today in an ensemble that ended up like a peacock-tribute LOL! What do you think, too much? The outfit: Dress, my design (made from an old skirt and shoelaces of my design) Scarf, left over material from another dress Tee, H&M (that I chopped shorter) […]


Hi sweethearts! This dress combines two of my great loves; big cities and polka dots! LOL! As a child I lived in Paris, and developed an intense love-affair with the great cities of Europe early on. Oslo is a lovely city to live in, but at tad small. One of my dreams is to go […]


Hi sweethearts! Today I couldn`t wait to put on my latest purchase so I changed into this dress before leaving the store, LOL! I fell in love with the colour and the way the dress plays up my hourglass shape. All hips and waist, and I`m ok with it Ok, looking at the pics, it really […]


Romantic Rock

by byanika on 27/07/2010 · 9 comments

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Hi sweethearts! How are you? This is about as rock`n roll as I get LOL The outfit: Green dress, my design (I made it from a skirt that I used to  wear as a scarf, the waistband are studded shoelaces that I made for a pair of sandals a couple of months ago) White bolero with […]


Remember my first lovely and weird mix? It struck me as sort of funny that I was wearing many of the same items of clothing for my second take on that weird mix, but that the scarf had taken the place of the dress Dress of my own design (made from a skirt) Bolero of […]


Hello sweethearts! Let me say that I am thinking of you all! Here`s me posing in the dusk late last night, before the heavens opened up with the most amazing insane thunder and lightning-storm! A thousand lightning-bolts pr. hour! On top of our heads! It was bloody brilliant LOL Alex was sensible, closing windows and […]

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