Taupe leopard and studs

by byanika on 10/10/2010 · 16 comments

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Hi sweethearts! It seems I can`t stop sewing leopard dresses LOL I made this one yesterday The outfit: Dress with studs, my design Bolero, my design Watch, ICE Cap, Accessorize Booties, Nilson I am so glad I started blogging and get to meet you all! xxx Anika


Hi Sweethearts! My outfit today was all about playing up neutral textures. I love using textures to make an outfit more interesting. La piece de resistance today was my latest scarf aka a miniskirt LOL! (It really is the only way I know how to work a mini hahhahahahah) I The outfit: Dress, my design […]


Hi Sweethearts! Today I whipped out one of my fave scarves perfect for this crisp autumn day. I adore sari fabrics and pink, so when I found this fabric a few years ago I was in dressing-up-heaven The outfit: Dress, Lindex Bolero, my design Bangles bought in Bosnia Ring, Lindex Earrings, Accessorize Ballerinas, Din Sko […]


Hi sweethearts! Today I couldn`t wait to put on my latest purchase so I changed into this dress before leaving the store, LOL! I fell in love with the colour and the way the dress plays up my hourglass shape. All hips and waist, and I`m ok with it Ok, looking at the pics, it really […]


Hello sweethearts! It`s raining in Oslo again, and I actually find it beautiful, if not the perfect weather for summer. I sewed /reworked this dress this morning before leaving the house (a common sight at my house LOL) I originally made the white dress from two dresses, I figure that if something that I love […]


Flowy Taupe

by byanika on 18/07/2010 · 5 comments

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Today I enjoyed a relaxed Sunday in a relaxed outfit. I love this flowy taupe dress, it is so comfortable to wear, and feels great on, especially when it is flowing in the wind (matching my bloody hair that is impossible to control LOL) The outfit: Taupe dress, H&M (untouched by my hands as of […]


Bohemian Citrus

by byanika on 06/07/2010 · 17 comments

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Can you tell my sweet Alex has assumed a surprise-click-approach to taking my pics? LOL Anyways, I got this dress on sale at Noa Noa, (money saved/barely spent/burning in my pocket, ladies! you follow? LOL), and really liked the pop of citrus in the print, but I sort of felt that that it was a […]


Tonight I went strolling my neighbourhood with my sweetheart. <3 I was exited to find a Citrouen exactly like the one we had when I was une petite fille in Paris, hence the pose Outfit for the day: Taupe dress (My design) White ruffled vest (H&M) Black studded bolero (originally a plain jacket from H&M that […]


You know you`re on holiday when it`s Monday and you spend all day strolling the city and in coffeshops enjoying wonderful sunshine Today I soaked up the sun in purple dress (My design) Taupe sequined bolero (that I made from a Noa Noa scarf) Taupe studded sandals (DNA) Fringed bag (Zara) Bangles (H&M and Top […]


My homemade studded sandals Summer has arrived, bringing with it lovely sunny days and the annual “Shit, what to wear”-moment Sound familiar? I adore summer, but let`s just say that the season brings plenty of opportunities to practice the art of self acceptance. I got out of my I-am-curvy-and-hot-and-bothered-and-don`t-know-how-to-dress-for-summer-without-feeling-unconfomfortably-curvy-period by getting back in charge, and […]

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