Today I went all out mixing prints!  I grounded the outfit by picking up on the taupe in the dress and bringing it through to the ruffled vest and leopard scarf. I love wearing this flowy dress that I made with fabric from a dress that just wouldn`t suit me. So, I cut it up and sewed […]


I love mixing different textures, and this Saturday I went (into the) wild mixing taupe leopard and snake with studs and fringes! Let me tell you, going wild sure made for a fab day! (What goes on in the wild stays … well, you get my point ;D ). Here`s me craking up in my […]


Taupe treats

by byanika on 08/02/2010 · 4 comments

in sequins,taupe

I adore strange barely-there colours, and one of my favourites is taupe, highly underestimated in my opinion. Can it be dull? Yes, I`ll admit it, but when mixed with more exiting materials it really can make for a lovely treat. Contrasting soft taupe with …. ..you guessed it; sequines makes me tingly with happiness (can`t […]

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