Hi Sweethearts! I always feel the need to mix it up! A single colour is never enough for me. One pattern is unfulfilling. One language is limiting. Too much safety is stifling. You know what I love? Individuality. I love that we can mix the same staples in so many different ways. I love that […]


Hi Sweethearts! My outfit today was all about playing up neutral textures. I love using textures to make an outfit more interesting. La piece de resistance today was my latest scarf aka a miniskirt LOL! (It really is the only way I know how to work a mini hahhahahahah) I The outfit: Dress, my design […]


I love mixing basic colours and making an outfit interesting by layering patterns and textures. Today I am toughening up my new white ruffled vest with a lepoard scarf and statement neckless. Flowy white layers of ruffles on my new H&M vest, with the contrasting rough neckless Textureheaven My darling fashionistas, how do you like […]

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