todays outfit

  Much as I adore colour, I simply love getting my groove on in basic black and white -all layered and flowy. Here I am posing at a public restroom (LOL! The things I do in the name of blogging! ..Ok, fine, I may have done it before as well, but now I have the […]


Well, hello there! Peacock-happy! Today I was feeling confident in a leopard blue dress and a studded bolero jacket, not a bad thing during a challenging day at work! I reworked the top of the dress from a halterneck to a sweetheart neckline because this accents my hourglass shape where the halterneck just made me look top […]


I love mixing basic colours and making an outfit interesting by layering patterns and textures. Today I am toughening up my new white ruffled vest with a lepoard scarf and statement neckless. Flowy white layers of ruffles on my new H&M vest, with the contrasting rough neckless Textureheaven My darling fashionistas, how do you like […]


I love mixing different textures, and this Saturday I went (into the) wild mixing taupe leopard and snake with studs and fringes! Let me tell you, going wild sure made for a fab day! (What goes on in the wild stays … well, you get my point ;D ). Here`s me craking up in my […]


Mixing it up

by byanika on 03/04/2010 · 3 comments

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I don`t know about you, my fellow fashion-lovers, but I don`t normally like to wear the same outfits several days in a row, mixing it up keeps it more fun I think. However, after a shopping spree last week I have found myself wanting to enjoy my new fave accessories several days in a row, […]


Romantic stud

by byanika on 28/01/2010 · 2 comments

in pink,studs,third hand,todays outfit

It has to be said that my number one romantic stud is my husbond (thanks for our nine years together ljubavi! ) My number two favourite take on studs gone romantic combines two of my great fashion loves: Soft pink…. … and studs baby! (On everything!) (No need to go there people, what kind of […]


Daytime luxury

by byanika on 13/01/2010 · 3 comments

in third hand,todays outfit

I like to bring evening pieces to daytime by mixing them with neutrals, putting together outfits that feel luxurios without being to dressed up. Tomorrow I`ll be mixing my new glitzy apricot bolero with muted browns and greys Reworked brown dress from Noa Noa, reworked bolero from H&M, shoelaces used as neckless, headband from H&M, […]


This tulle Malene Birger dress ticks a lot of boxes for me; interestingly adorned neckline, empireline, flowing skirt and a lovely colour. Buying this dress was one of those -OMG I just bought something in a designer shop that fit me/oh happy day-moments. Ever had one of those yourself? Wearing the dress makes me feel […]


Leopard love

by byanika on 11/01/2010 · 2 comments

in leopard,todays outfit

Today I enjoyed a smashing afternoon of bargainhunting with one of my sweetheartfriends (highly recommended ). Among the stuff I got are two glitzy leopard scarves that I`ve made into one luxurios-feeling scarf. Every night I enjoy putting together my outfit for the next day; it feels like shopping (in my own closet!) -and spares […]


Todays outfit

by byanika on 10/01/2010 · 2 comments

in ruffles,todays outfit

I`ll be posting some of my outfits for you to check out if you like. Today I opted for my favourite black dress with layered cardigans made of silk and wool. Ruffled detail from the dress, which I made from the fabric of two Vero Moda dresses. Me in the middle of — shall we […]

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