Hi Sweethearts!  The fully reckognizing who you are. Who I am. Where I am. How I got here. Where I need to go. The act of transformation. Of my self. Do you ever observe your self? I do. All the time. And then I marvel at the act of it, at the being of forces […]


Hi Sweethearts! Have you ever sat next to a stranger, suddenly feeling aware of a connection to the the other person? Have you ever been in a room filled with people you know, suddenly feeling disconnected from them? Have you ever sat alone somewhere, feeling deeply connected to your self, to something outside your self? I have. […]


Hi Sweethearts! I am as beautiful at any given time as I perceive my self to be, you know? Over the last months I have lost a lot of weight, to the point where people have started adressing it, as apposed to asking me if I have done something different with my hair (um, yes, […]



   Hi Sweethearts! It may be snowy and cold outside, but Spring is in my heart, and now I want to enjoy my imaginary Spring through fashion! We have already established that I am in denial about where I live, so this seems like the next logical step don`t you think? I agree. Welcome to my new series: […]


Hi Sweethearts! Would you like me to make you an original By Anika? I would love to show my love for you in this way, so when I read about Carlas paying it forward-challenge I jumped on it. It is like my mum says,  “we shouldn`t just say halleluja!, we should DO hallelujah!?”  Here is […]

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Hi sweethearts! Remember how I told you before that I only keep stuff in my wardrobe that I absolutely love? Since adopting this approach to my clothes my days of what-the-f-to-put-on-and-feel-fab-when-I-only-have-clothes-that-don`t fit-days don`t come around that much. I am happier for it. Now I have made my closet into my colourful, shiny and inviting candy […]

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