Hi Sweethearts! Have you noticed all of the beautiful women around you? I love people-watching, but what I love the most is women-watching. I take such pleasure in the beauty of other women. I love looking at them, and you know, there is something beautiful about each and every woman, so that makes for a […]


Hello sweethearts! Today I enjoyed a lovely day hanging out at a piazza for hours with friends and fam Did you have a good day? Todays outfit Zebra dress, my design (I made it from a maxi dress that did nothing for me, and today I added the lining of a leather belt for a […]


Today I enjoyed a lovely walk home in the warm summer evening with my sweetheart. Bliss! I faced my insecurities about my body that always get to me this time of year and went out to enjoy the summer in my latest project; a black and greyish blue zebra print dress that I have reworked completely. I […]

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