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Hi Sweethearts!

Last summer I started my Spreading the love-series where I feature lovely bloggers of all sizes. I started this series as a response to some of the drama going on in the blogosphere about what women are real and not. It was important to me to actively do something, to be clear on where I stand in my life, on and off line. I welcome all people in my life and in my blog. All I ask that we be respectful of each other.

I am a self worth activist, supportive of everyones right to define their own worth and use what ever labels on them selves they choose, be that fat, curvy or straight sized, homosexual, heterosexual or transgendered. It is not the label I am interested in, it is the person. I have chosen to ask everyone I feature the same questions, regardless of their amount of followers and size, something that has caused some controversy, but that is ok. I welcome dialouge, that is what expands our horizons, love and understanding of each other. To read my manifesto on self worth and more about the Spreading the love go to this page: “Who gets to label my self worth? I do!”

I have had the pleasure of featuring so many wonderful bloggeristas in this series, and I thank you all for taking part in making a postitive stand with me.

If you would like to be featured in this series connect with me at anikack@gmail.com and I will be very happy to spread the love for you!


This is Spreading the Love.


Sarah of Return To Sender

LuAnne of Weeshas World

Jennifer of Jasifers Lions Club

Monique of Curves and Chaos

Cloe of An Exercise in Trivial Pursuits

Alissa of Stylish Curves

Marie of The Curvy Fashionista

Linda of Lovin Linda

Sonia of Anomalous Allure

Gerry of Big Beautyful Mess

Katrin of Reizende Rundungen

Em of Oh, the Places You`ll Go

Ragini of Curious Fancy

Lilli of Frocks & Frou Frou

Teer of Curves to Kill

Allison of Curvy Girl Chic

Amelia of Sound Bites

Stina of No Futvre

Nicole of Nikstar

Peggy Jean of On The Q Train

Jessica of Fatshion Chic

KaNe of Vanity Plus

Nicola of 2 Many Cupcakes

Valerie of Blog To Be Alive


Gaelle of Les Pitries De Vanoue

Cesilia of Style Remix

Vahni of Grit and Glamour

Gazel of Bonjour Gazel

Carly of Carlyisms

Julia of Porcelain Complexion

Mia of MiA

Bella of the Citizen Rosebud

Yolanda of Diva in Deep Thought

Elizabeth of The State I Am In

Christina of Randomness à la Mode

Louise of Nearly Thirty

Samantha of Stiletto Siren and Fat and Fearless

Leia of Leias Delights

Lizzie of Polkadotrainbows

Hannah of An Old Story

Dee of Pearls Lace and Ruffles

Claire of Mon Cherie

Polly of My Little Polly

Jessica of Tangled Up In Lace

Jaimielee of Hip Oh

Tanvi of The Fabulous Life of Not So Rich and Infamous

Kenyetta of My Dernier Cri

LaCara of Oh La La Curves

Natasha of The Chic Curve

Rikke of Sticky Sweet Danish

Arash of Arash Mazinani

Casee Marie of The Girl Who Stole The Eiffel Tower & SHE

Sacramento of Mis Papelicos

Kristy Elena of Full Time Fabulous and Vouge Gone Rouge

Kirstin of Crimson Rosella

Thina of Beyond Sizes
























Barbro of Barbro Andersen


Stephanie of The Loudmouth





























Kim of Absolutely Mrs. K


Charlotta of Feminine Bravery

Ambu of Ambuji

Nefferth of Mode Plus

Fajr of Stylish Thought

Bella of One Sister`s Rant

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